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STEM Saturdays
Learn all about our Summer Camps and create an awesome Robot in a free one hour class for young and old.
Girl Scouts of America Workshop
Get your engineering bade in our one day workshop.
Data Science Workshop
Get introduced to the key concepts and tools used by data scientists in this free workshop.
Free Workshops

Data Science Introduction

Join Dr Miene Roberts and Sam Jackson for an awesome introduction to robotics at the Texas A & M, Central Texas University campus in Kileeen. Learn how to build a robot in just one hour and see how the 3D printer works. STEM Saturdays are a great way of checking out our summer camp program.

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Introduction to Data Science

Join Gerhardus De Kock and Dr Roberts on this fascinating free workshop and discover how big data and artificial intelligence is going to change the world in the near future. This is a great workshop to attend if you are thinking about a career change or just want to know what the term ‘big data’ really means.

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One Day Workshops

Girl Scouts of America Workshop

In this hands-on course students will learn to design and program robots with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Base Set and software. Students will apply drag-and-drop programming to build robots and develop critical thinking skills. This course encourages teamwork and creativity in a STEM-focused environment. Each student will be provided with an individual computer/iPad and will share robotics equipment. Students will compete in a robot competition on the last day for prizes that include 3D printers.

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Data Science workshop

Take a deep-dive into the exciting world of artificial intelligence. Learn how to identify data sources, warehouse , process and visually represent a dataset and discover how companies, governments and individuals are using the power of data to create artificial intelligence. This one-day course is the essential first step to your new career using tomorrow’s technology.

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