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Gerhard DeKock

Gerhard is a data scientist and predictive modeller at Allianz Insurance where he uses complex data-sets to understand and predict client behaviour. Having previously worked at South Africa’s largest Bank, Nedbank, Gerhardus worked at ING Direct in Australia in Credit Risk before moving into the areas customer analytics within the ING Marketing Department. Gerhard holds an Honours Degree in Quantitative Risk Management and a Masters Degree in Informatics.

Sam Jackson

Mr. Sam Jackson is a professor in Engineering and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. He has experience teaching robotics classes and preparing students for robotics competitions.

Dr Mienie Roberts

Dr. Mienie Roberts is an analyst with an affinity for mathematical models and quantitative techniques. She has extensive experience in teaching upper and gradual level Mathematics and Statistical courses that introduce students to leading edge software. Since 2012 she has served as higher education partner for Texas Education Service Center Region 12, and has designed and conducted multiple professional development workshops for local educators. She is a Professor of Mathematics at Texas A&M University where she teaches various advanced Mathematics and Analytics courses. Dr. Roberts holds a Ph.D from Kent State University.

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How do I register for a tutoring session?

You can submit a form through the Quantegy Learning Portal or contact us directly via email (mienie@quantegylearning.com) or (+1 903.705.9703)

Do you offer one-to-one online tutoring?

Yes, we do! One-to-one online tutoring is just as effective as in-person tutoring with the added benefits of convenience and flexibility tailored around your schedule.

What are your teaching hours?

Quantegy Learning are completely flexible and tailor tutoring sessions to times that suit your needs. We understand that your time is limited so can help you reach your academic goals with times suited to your schedule.

Is tutoring offered in a group or one-to-one?

We offer complete flexibility. If you have a group of friends or class mates, we can tailor a session around your specific needs and goals. Contact us directly for more information.

How much does a session cost?

One-to-one sessions start from $50 for 1-hour sessions. Contact us for more tailored pricing recommendations for small group sessions or if you want to book sessions in advance.

What are the qualifications of the tutors?

All tutors at Quantegy Learning comprise of college professors, certified teachers, and experienced instructors who have achieved high levels of education in the areas they provide instruction in.

What type of equipment do I need for a tutoring session?

The only equipment necessary for One-on-One and Online tutoring services are a computer, Internet access, and phone access or skype. Sharing relevant academic content with your assigned tutor before your session will assist them to prepare adequately for your questions.

What does a typical tutoring session entail?

Every tutoring session is customised to your specific needs to ensure that you reach your goals. Whether you need to prepare for an exam or want to revise content with a tutor, every session will consist of a conversation to agree on the outcome followed by a systematic approach working through content.