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Quantegy Advisory

Advisory & Consulting

Our specialists from a variety of backgrounds will unravel your most challenging problems. Applying practical solutions with an analytical mindset we solve for your short term as well as strategic goals.

Data Science

Making use of advanced algorithms and scientific methods our analytics experts are able to extract insights from data, equipping your business with the knowledge to succeed ahead of the pack.

Quantifying Strategy

Quantegy Advisory will assist you in bridging the gap between strategy and data analytics. Empowering your organisation to effectively leverage the information revolution, we quantify your ideas.


Predictive Analytics

Advanced techniques from logistic regression to machine learning are employed to create algorithms that can forecast into the future based on a wealth of data available in your organisation or the web. The use of predictive analytics and modelling is a common theme in customer value management, propensity modelling as well credit risk scoring.

Statistical Analyses

Making sense of numbers and connecting them to their specific context allows you to infer valuable insights which will open up new opportunities. Analyses range from descriptive statistics and inference to statistical significance testing and statistical model buidling.

Business Intelligence

Consuming real time information allows companies to better understand their operation and take the required action timously. We are able to package your data into intelligence that can be automated through a variety of platforms.

Credit Risk Management

Credit risk manifests itself and threatens any lending operation but if managed well can be optimised and turned into opportunity. Quantegy can assist with credit policy formulation, acquisition strategy design, pricing for risk as well as other areas of the lending value chain.

About Quantegy Advisory

Quantegy specialises in data science and providing advisory services in a progressively global setting driven by knowledge and intelligence gained from data. We approach each assignment as a fresh challenge which may require a wide breadth of services ranging from strategic consulting to coding, modelling and education. We pride ourselves in our ability to communicate complex analyses and appropriate solutions to all levels of management in a business friendly, highly visual and comprehendible format.

Our Fees

We do not have set fees for our services and work within the budget that we are provided by the client. Our fees are scalable according to the size of each project and consultants required. Quotes are provided upon the taking of initial instructions and any updated fee estimates are provided prior to work being undertaken.